How to change your Tumblr avatar easily

Tumblr makes it difficult to change your avatar…

Tumblr seems to have the ability to make even the simplest tasks an annoying chore. If you are having trouble changing the avatar (profile picture) for your Tumblr blog, follow these easy steps…

If you are asking yourself: “How do I change my tumblr blog avatar?” then this is for you:

  1. Go to
  2. On the left, below “Apps”, click on the avatar (and blog title) you want to update… Changing your Tumblr avatar
  3. (Your URL should now be something like ‘’)
    Click on the button titled ‘change avatar’ at the top of the page… Changing your Tumblr avatar
  4. Choose your file…
  5. Hit the ‘save’ button on the top right (which will now be blue)… Changing your Tumblr avatar
  6. Blam! Your done 🙂

via Cam Gould


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